Over the past year, COVID-19 has upended the world as we knew it. In addition to lockdowns and masks and social distancing, the pandemic forced us to close our ArtHeart studio. But it also opened us up to the wider arts community in Toronto thanks to a campaign we launched called "ArtConnectsTO". We set up an Instagram account @artconnectsto and started reaching out to Toronto artists, asking them to share their art and stories about painting during the pandemic. Every week we post several paintings and inspiring messages from our new artist friends. Once the pandemic is over, we plan to feature their work in a special exhibit at ArtHeart and celebrate the unexpected and rewarding connections we made during this terrible time.

artconnectsto grethe jensen Home  alone
artconnectsto Glengrove Avenue West
artconnectsto Always Been A Storm    Ver

Grethe Jensen

"Home Alone 2"

"This theme has been central to much of my painting during the pandemic. This is how many of us are living these days."

Maddy Greenwald

"Glengrove Avenue West"

"It's an optimistic reminder of the incredible beauty around us, even on an ordinary day. We will get through this."

Lisa Veronese

"Always Been a Storm"

"During this time of isolation, art has saved me from boredom, loneliness and feelings of futility. The act of creating something daily teaches me the possibility of finding joy in the moment as it is."