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When the pandemic began in 2020, ArtHeart closed its studio in order to keep our participants safe. Like everyone in the city, we locked down, social distanced and masked up. But we also decided to reach out to the wider arts community with a special project called ArtConnectsTO! It's an Instagram account dedicated to sharing the works of Toronto artists who are painting their way through the pandemic.

As we enter the third year of Covid-19, we are incredibly grateful to the artists participating in ArtConnectsTO. Their work has lifted spirits and created a supportive community. Follow us @artconnectsto on Instagram and see for yourself. And, if you would like to join this campaign, send us images of your art along with a few sentences about how art has helped you cope during these difficult times. Our email address is Stay safe and creative!

Here are some of the beautiful paintings shared on ArtConnectsTO!

ArtConnectsTO: About Us
artconnectsto grethe jensen Home  alone
artconnectsto Glengrove Avenue West
artconnectsto Always Been A Storm    Ver

Grethe Jensen

"Home Alone 2"

"This theme has been central to much of my painting during the pandemic. This is how many of us are living these days."

Maddy Greenwald

"Glengrove Avenue West"

"It's an optimistic reminder of the incredible beauty around us, even on an ordinary day. We will get through this."

Lisa Veronese

"Always Been a Storm"

"During this time of isolation, art has saved me from boredom, loneliness and feelings of futility. The act of creating something daily teaches me the possibility of finding joy in the moment as it is."

artconnectsto Morning Reflections McGivney.jpg
artconnectsto Berckzy Park Hernandez.jpg
artconnectsto Floral Series #17 Ennis.jpg

Morning Reflections -
Joan McGivney

Berczy Park -
Mariana Hernandez

Floral Series #17 -
Sue Ennis

artconnectsto Red Floral Burst Steinberg.jpg
artconnectsto Winter Stroll Sung.jpg
artconnectsto Safe as Houses Saporito.jpg

Floral Burst -
Adele Steinberg

Winter Stroll -
Marianne Sung

Safe as Houses -
Ruth Saporito

artconnectsto Abstract Jen Tse.jpg
artconnectsto Canoe at Dock Carmichael.jpg
artconnectsto Floral abstract Evans.jpg

Abstract - 
Jennifer Tse

Canoe at Dock -
David Carmichae

Floral Abstract -
Myra Evans

ArtConnectsTO: Get Involved
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