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Meet the Team

Staff, Volunteers, Mentors and Collaborators all Working Together

ArtHeart continues to shift its organizational model from being predominantly salary/employee-based to being predominantly volunteer-based. Funds raised support programs and projects with specific leadership, mentorship and overhead. This community asset-based model addresses long-term sustainability.


Cynthia Dolor-Butcher

Administrator and Programs Support

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Timothy Svirklys

Youth Employment Coordinator and Food Coordinator


Sandi Wong

Lead Art Coordinator- Adults and Seniors

artconnectsto Abstract Jen Tse.jpg

Ana Kuzmic-Garant

Co-Coordinator: Children’s, Youth & Family Arts, Co-Coordinator: Outreach

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Jessy Kitchen

Co-Coordinator: Children’s, Youth & Family Arts, Co-Coordinator: Outreach

Our Board of Directors

One Vision

Sandi Wong


Jennifer Tse


Marie Desrochers


Berry (Bhairavei) Gnanamanogaran


Kerry O'Meara

Vice Chair

Shannon Stewart


Tania Uddin


Key Contributors

Working to Realize ArtHeart's Mission

Seanna Connell

Legacy-Program Coordinator

Paula Needham

Stewardship Coordinator

Sia Maras

Communications with Families

Matthew Trauzzi


2022 Volunteers

9 Participant Volunteers contributed 272 hours

19 Student Placements contributed 1680 hours

15 volunteers contributed: 823 hours

1 parent volunteer contributed 24 hours

8  Board Members volunteered 406 hours

6 staff volunteered approximately 163 hours

In all, 58 combined volunteers contributed approximately 3368 hours this year.

Thank you!

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