Meet the Team

Staff, Volunteers, Mentors and Collaborators all Working Together

ArtHeart continues to shift its organizational model from being predominantly salary/employee-based to being predominantly volunteer-based. Funds raised support programs and projects with specific leadership, mentorship and overhead. This community asset-based model addresses long-term sustainability.


Cynthia Dolor-Butcher

Programs Administrator and Adult Participant Liaison

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Timothy Svirklys

Youth Employment Coordinator


Sandi Wong

Lead Art Coordinator

Our Board of Directors

One Vision


Sandi Wong


Faizel Bhabha


Yoon-Ji Kweon

Board Director

Kerry O'Meara

Board Director


Key Contributors

Working to Realize ArtHeart's Mission

Seanna Connell

Legacy-Program Coordinator

Paula Needham

Stewardship Coordinator

Sia Maras

Communications with Families

Patty Porretta

Chestnut Communications: Director of Development

Matthew Trauzzi




In 2020, over 72 volunteers contributed a combined total of 4783 hours in service to arts programs and administration to ArtHeart!

2021 Volunteers and Student Placements:

Thank you!

Alexandra Calder

Programs Volunteers

Queens University Student Placement

Iris Benedikt

SkyBlue Studio

Sasha Pinney

ArtConnectsTO & Social Media

Donna Tranquada

UofT Medical Department Students

Matt Skelly & Justin Lu

Art Kit Prep Team Translators

Berry Gnanamanogaran and Kate Lee