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Read stories and experiences from our ArtHeart community! 


Children, Youth & Family Arts Program

"I have been fortunate to find this amazing, well structured and curated educational program for my 5 year old kid (Karthav) this summer 2022. As a mother from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate the staff and the program creators in educating, guiding and motivating my son. Many thanks for giving me the confidence of allowing my son to be part of the summer field trips to the art museums under your care while I was at work, this has helped shape my son as well. My son enjoys the Artheart program and awaits for his next class each day. I and my family deeply appreciate your ongoing support and are proud to say that we are part of ARTHEART “  Karthav’s mom

Volunteers & Student Placements

"I come to ArtHeart for my mental NO STARVING ARTISTS PROGRAM health stability. When we have perks, they brighten our lives. One of the perks here is the delicious meals served during the art classes. ArtHeart is reaching souls with the amazing job you do." Brenda


Adults & Seniors Arts Program

"ArtHeart has been a good part of my life for seven (7) years. It is my time to express my mind creatively and just to be as wild and weird as I can think of (just on paper and canvas). Being around good people and very good artists is very really inspiring. And of course I can't forget actually getting lunch too. ArtHeart is my second home and family.” Nathan


Youth Employment and Arts Education Program

“The experience I have gained from Art Heart has been great as I have learned many new things while working. I learned how to make snacks, learned how to cut ingredients, helped kids learn, and many other things I haven't done before. It was a great start for me as my first job. ...When the pandemic began and the youth employment program resumed but with online work...We then started to work a bit in the studio, making the art kits and giving them away. All these experiences will help me in the future and have allowed me to grow. I am grateful to the company that has funded the youth employment program as I would have not gotten the chance to get experience like this and help out the community and I hope other youth will be able to use this program to also gain great experiences and grow.”


Council Fire Native Cultural Centre Collaborates with ArtHeart Program

"I enjoy the program as it brings me out of my house. This sometimes can be difficult as Covid made it, "normal", to stay in. It is great seeing all the Participants." The organizers from Council Fire & ArtHeart are very nice, considerate, and generous. Love it!” Hellen

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