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Read stories and experiences from our ArtHeart community! 


Children, Youth & Family Arts Program

“Why is ArtHeart special to me? Because I love doing art there.”


Volunteers & Student Placements

“ArtHeart is a place for everyone. My first day here I was welcomed with open arms from both the staff and the children. It truly is an artistic community that I love being a part of. My favourite is when I bring in a craft for the kids to do and they make it even cooler than I could have ever imagined. They’re an inspiration, and even though I want to be a teacher, I’m learning so much from them!”
–Taljana D, York Teaching Candidate


Adults & Seniors Arts Program

“I look forward for your calls every week. You keep us going during these difficult times. It is especially hard on the elderly like me who live alone and stuck at home. Your call makes a difference. ArtHeart truly cares about us and our well-being. Thank you for all your hard work but remember to take care of yourselves too.” -Irene


Youth Employment and Arts Education Program

“The experience I have gained from Art Heart has been great as I have learned many new things while working. I learned how to make snacks, learned how to cut ingredients, helped kids learn, and many other things I haven't done before. It was a great start for me as my first job. ...When the pandemic began and the youth employment program resumed but with online work...We then started to work a bit in the studio, making the art kits and giving them away. All these experiences will help me in the future and have allowed me to grow. I am grateful to the company that has funded the youth employment program as I would have not gotten the chance to get experience like this and help out the community and I hope other youth will be able to use this program to also gain great experiences and grow.”


Newcomer Arts Program

“This is a safe and cozy place to create. I am expressing a new part I have found inside me”
–Syrian Project "Our Art, Our Stories" participant


Council Fire Native Cultural Centre Collaborates with ArtHeart Program

“Kept me distracted at times, during covid”
-Gerald Fish

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