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Our Programs & Projects

Through our different programs and projects, ArtHeart provides participants with a supportive environment in which they can create, learn, build self-esteem and develop artistic skills. By putting their hands and imaginations to work, our participants are empowered to engage with their community in a meaningful way. Our year-round programs and projects include: Children, Youth and Family Arts Program, Adults Arts Program, Seniors Arts, Youth Employment and Arts Education Project, Arts and Wellness,  “No Starving Artists”, Council Fire Native Cultural Centre Collaborative Programs and Art on the Terrace.

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Children, Youth & Family Arts

This program provides opportunities for children and youth ages 4 to 16 to learn about and participate in making art. It runs free of charge, and caters to the residents of the Regent Park community.

Children explore visual arts including painting, drawing, print-making, ceramics, sculpture, crafts, fabric arts, photography, media arts, digital arts, graphic designs, silk-screen printing, sewing and more!

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Adults Arts Program

Creating art lifts people's spirits, provides focused activity and opportunity to engage in a an enriching experience. ArtHeart provides free materials and art instruction in a safe an supportive studio.

Adults can also work in our open studio with a range of visual arts materials including painting, drawing, digital arts, print-making, ceramics, soap stone carving, weaving, sewing, sculpture, crafts, photography and media arts.

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Senior's Arts Program

This accessible weekly art program provides an open studio, art supplies, guidance, hot lunch and refreshments to seniors who live in the community and downtown.

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No Starving Artists

ArtHeart strives to create a studio environment in which there are 'no starving artists'. As many of our participants live below the poverty line, a food program is essential.

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Youth Employment

This program provides leadership, mentorship and paid training for 12 local Regent Park youth annually. Youth assist with the Children’s Youth and Family Arts, Summer Arts Camp, snack and meals preparation and serving, and assist with program administration. 


Legacy Program

The Legacy Program ensures that past learnings and best practices are captured and implemented for current and future administrations.

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